Gondola dinner (last available gondolas)
Gondola Lift Wangs

21. January 2022, 18:30 o’clock to 22:15 o’clock

A culinary highlight and enjoyment in the cozy gondola.

A cozy gondola with fleece blankets, warm lambskins and romantic light and a culinary delight at lofty heights. Experience an unforgettable dinner of a very special kind.


6:30 p.m. Meeting point at the valley station of the gondola lift in Wangs with aperitif and information about the procedure.

7 p.m., please take a seat! The first round trip starts with a varied starter. Back in the valley, the warming soup awaits you for the next ride. In the third round you can look forward to a delicious main course.

After you have enjoyed the main course during the third ride, you get off at the Furt mountain station and end the evening with a tempting dessert buffet at the Hotel Furt right at the mountain station.

The return trip is individually scheduled at about 10:15 p.m.


During the gondola dinner you will be served by La Culina. You can find more information about the event on their website under this link.

Each gondola offers space for 4 people. Due to the limited number of seats, a reservation is mandatory. Please reserve your gondola directly through La Culina.

  • Gondola dinner
  • Gondola dinner
  • Gondola dinner