Workshop 2 Advanced Trailrunning
Pizol area

27. June 2020, 08:15 o’clock to 13:30 o’clock

Workshop 2 advanced runners: "Trailrunning for experienced runners", Saturday, 27 June 2020, 08:15 - approx. 14:00

Workshop leader: Michael Lenz 078 620 39 49

This workshop is suitable for you as an experienced runner, if you can run at least 2 hours in a row in the flat. Meeting point is at the valley station Bad Ragaz. There you do the organizational part. Afterwards you take the cable car to Pardiel, where your personal equipment will be deposited. Today's workshop is mainly on Heidi's Long Trail with a few extra detours and a fast downhill on the Bettlerweg. At suitable places the guide will show you specific techniques like uphill, downhill or running with poles. Planning, navigation and behaviour in bad weather is also discussed. Back at Pardiel, the guide will again discuss your equipment and the requirements of competitions and associations. During your cool-down there will be time to clarify open questions and exchange experiences before you take the gondola back to the valley.

The guidelines of the BAG will be strictly enforced, so that nothing stands in the way of this event with you. The workshop will be held in any weather from 4 persons upwards. The participants will be informed 2 days before the workshop.


Registration Form



Meeting / Presentation and explanation Procedure / Buy ticket

Gondola ride to Pardiel, luggage deposit at Panoramarestaurant Edelweiss

Entering in the group on the Heidipfad

Running in the group:

Uphill running exercise (running, walking, sticks)

Downhill running exercise (forefoot, center of gravity, braking)

Ev. video analysis during downhill


Inputs to balance / strengthening exercises / nutrition / competition preparation

pick up luggage


Gondola ride into the valley





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