Sardona Crossing in 4 days
Berghotel Gaffia

12. August 2021 to 15. August 2021

In 4 days you will cross the entire tectonic area of Sardona. Among other things, you will pass the crystal-clear mountain lakes of the Pizol area.

Want a little challenge? Embark on this unique adventure that you will never forget. 4 days, 126 kilometres, 10,419 metres in altitude. Once through the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona. You will pass striking mountain peaks, romantic Alps and deep blue mountain lakes. Of course, the Pizol lakes, all with their own unique charm, are not to be missed. The Sardona crossing is a challenge. Nevertheless, there is enough time and space to marvel at nature, enjoy the view and deliver a great personal performance. You run in the comfort zone and various sections are covered at a brisk walking pace. The tour is divided into 4 stages:

  • Filzbach - Spitzmeilenhütte: 28 km
  • Spitzmeilenhütte - Gaffia: 31 km
  • Gaffia - Sardona Hut: 28 km
  • Sardona hut - Flims: 39 km

Power up during the day and recharge your batteries in the evening. The second stage leads over the Gamidauerspitz and the Garmil into the Pizol area, where the Berghotel Gaffia is waiting to spoil you. On the third day, you will ascend via the well-known 5-Lakes-Hike to the Pizol summit at 2,844 metres above sea level.

The Sardona crossing is organised by Spring Inn in Flums.

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