NASA discovers Pizol area


What a surprise: NASA publishes a picture of the Pizol. It shows not only the unique view, but also the comet "Neowise".

The comet "Neowise" has fascinated photographers all over the world. Thanks to the webcam of Pizolbahnen AG, NASA became aware of this extraordinary photograph. The picture shows the comet in the night from July 12 to 13 2020, at 2'226 meters near the station Laufböden. For this picture different images were stitched together in intervals of 30 minutes. You can get a live view from our webcams here.

NASA publishes an "Astronomic Picture of the Day" every day. This shows our fascinating universe and is supplemented with explanations by professional astronomers. They state: "Comet NEOWISE has been wowing photographers around much of the world during dawn and dusk, at the margins of day and night. For the most northern residents of planet Earth, however, the comet circles the North Star and never sets. The night part of this circular arc is apparent in the featured composite of images assembled from a webcam located at a ski resort in the Swiss Alps. Images were selected at 30-minute intervals throughout the night from July 12th -13th. Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3) will continue to become more accessible to northern hemisphere observers as its motion places it higher in the sky each evening after sunset over the next few weeks, as it begins its outbound journey. As with all comets, departure from the inner Solar System comes with inevitable fading. Binoculars are the best way to find and observe the comet visually."


Tip: The Pizol Panorama Höhenweg is suitable for all those who want to get a picture of the impressive panorama for themselves. This circular hike can be reached with the Pizol cable cars from the valley stations in Bad Ragaz and Wangs.


Copyright picture: Philipp Salzgeber,