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Sale of tables and lamps


We sell our extravagant tables and lamps from the Panoramarestaurant Edelweiss:

Tables made of L-steel construction profiles with glued-in table leaves made of ALUCOR honeycomb panels and legs made of folded 2.0 mm FE sheet metal.
Surface: D8 060 20 05 (black-brown)

  • 7 large tables (for 8 people)
    à CHF 200.00 per table
  • 12 medium tables (for 4 persons)
    à CHF 125.00 per table
  • 1 small table (for 2 persons)
    à CHF 75.00 per table

Pendant polycarbonate lamps with bronze foil, ceiling rosette color RAL 8019 matte.
Required illuminants: 1x 57W Gx24q-5

  • 41 lamps in different sizes
    à CHF 100.00 per lamp

Inquiries are to be made exclusively via

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