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Karl Frehsner homologates slopes on Pizol


After a re-homologation by the former Swiss Ski head coach Karl Frehsner, the slopes on the Pizol will again receive the certificate for holding official FIS races.

The Pizol has always been known for its national and international ski races. Swiss Championships of the elite, European Cup races, the annual International Giant Slalom and the Junior FIS Alpine Race of the snowboarders have already taken place.

The basis for the realization of such races is a homologation of the respective slope by the FIS. The homologation includes a technical description of the slope, measures that have to be taken during the race and whether the slope complies with the rules. The issued certificate is valid for 10 years for the technical disciplines and 5 years for the speed disciplines.

After the certifications at the Pizol partially expired in summer, a re-homologation was applied for at the FIS. Under the trained eye of the former Swiss Ski head coach, Karl Frehsner ("Der Eiserne Karl"), all the slopes were inspected in the fall and the necessary documents were compiled.

All the slopes entered have again received the FIS certificate. The Pizol thus has comprehensive possibilities for holding FIS races. From the slalom course to the Super G and the fastest discipline of the downhill, all possibilities are open for ladies and gentlemen.  

With the homologated slopes and the training slope on the Obersäss, which is irrigated with a "water bar", the Pizol not only creates optimal conditions, but also has great potential not only to be a training center for the region, but also to become interesting beyond the region. For example, the NLZ (National Performance Center East), the Eastern Switzerland Ski Association and international squads already train on the Pizol.

The civil engineering office CWZ AG from Bad Ragaz was significantly involved in the preparation of the necessary documents.

  • Slope Homologation at Pizol
  • Slope Homologation at Pizol
  • Slope Homologation at Pizol