Pizolbahnen are a Swisstainable company


Sustainability is no longer a niche topic, it has arrived in the mainstream. Politicians, the economy and consumers have understood that in the future everyone will have to work together to use resources responsibly.

Pizolbahnen are a Swisstainable company

To this end, the United Nations has adopted 17 overarching global goals for sustainability development in the form of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Swiss Federal Council, in turn, has committed itself to a climate-neutral Switzerland by 2050 and has given sustainability central importance in the new tourism strategy. For this reason, and because a consistently practised position in the area of sustainability is a perfect fit for Switzerland as a tourist destination, it is the key issue for our strategy on the Pizol.  

As a central component of the sustainability strategy, Switzerland Tourism has defined a programme that is open to all businesses in Swiss tourism - regardless of whether they already have comprehensive sustainability certifications or are just starting out. For this purpose, a criteria grid was developed, according to which offers are inventoried and awarded with a three-level signet.

The 3 levels at a glance

Level III - leading

Level III businesses have a comprehensive, recognised sustainability record that covers all dimensions of sustainability and is regularly externally audited.

Level II - engaged

Level II companies are committed to sustainable corporate management and ongoing development in the area of sustainability. In addition, these companies have a recognised certificate in at least one sustainability dimension.

Level I - committed

Level I companies are committed to sustainable corporate management and to the ongoing development of their company in the direction of sustainability.

The Pizolbahnen are proud to have been successfully classified in Level 2 - engaged.