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and the winner is............


already in the last winter season 16/17 there was the possibility to refer weather-dependent daily cards at the Pizol. This innovative project was developed and implemented by FHS St. Gallen together with us.

We are the first winter sport area in Europe, that offered these cards which were reduced to 50 percent. The weather forecast of SRF Meteo defined the price of the day tickets.

More uncomfortable the weather forecast, more cheaper the price for the day card.

The project is designed for two years and we will offer again this weather-dependent day card to the upcoming winter season. The season starts on December 09th 2017, and ends on April 8th 2018. Tickets can also be loaded directly onto the corresponding data carriers like SwissPass.

At the end of the last winter season 16/17 there was a competition about the weather-dependent day card. A winter season subscription 17/18 was raffled. The happy person is called Manuel! Congratulations!

From December 1st 2017 The weather-dependent day tickets can be ordered from