Summer season 2024

Normal rates


5-lake hike (Pizolhütte return)52.0026.0026.00
Panorama high trail (Laufböden or Pizolhütte return)52.0026.0026.00
2-lake hike (Bad Ragaz - Pardiel return +one-way trip SB Laufböden)48.0024.0024.00
Garmil high-altitude hike (Wangs - Gaffia return)48.0024.0024.00
Heidi Trail/Edelweiss Trail (Bad Ragaz - Pardiel return)41.0020.5020.50
Wasserwald/MounTeens (Wangs - Furt return)41.0020.5020.50

Individual sections

Bad Ragaz - Pardiel (single) *30.0015.0015.00
Bad Ragaz - walking floors (single) *35.0017.5017.50
Pardiel - Walkways (single) *21.0010.5010.50
Pardiel - Laufböden (return)24.0012.0012.00
Wangs - Maienberg (single) *20.0010.0010.00
Wangs - Maienberg (return)25.0012.5012.50
Wangs - Furt (single) *30.0015.0015.00
Wangs - Gaffia (single) *32.0016.0016.00
Wangs - Pizolhütte (easy) *35.0017.5017.50
Maienberg - Furt (single) *20.0010.0010.00
Maienberg - Furt (return)25.0012.5012.50
Furt - Gaffia (single) *20.0010.0010.00
Furt - Gaffia (return)22.0011.0011.00
Furt - Pizolhütte (easy) *21.0010.5010.50
Furt - Pizolhütte (return)24.0012.0012.00
Gaffia - Pizolhütte (easy) *20.0010.0010.00
Gaffia - Pizolhütte (return)22.0011.0011.00

*Same price for travel in the opposite direction.

Family ticket

Whole family CHFAscent & descent for families with 2 adults and all own children children up to 17 years
Heidi Trail (Bad Ragaz - Pardiel return)102.50
Water forest / MounTeens (Wangs - Furt return)102.50
Panorama high trail (Laufböden or Pizolhütte return)130.00

Day & multi-day tickets

Adult CHFChild CHF
1-day ticket61.0030.50
2-day ticket78.0039.00
3-day ticket94.0047.00
4-day ticket110.0055.00
5-day ticket125.0062.50
6-day ticket140.0070.00
7-day ticket153.0076.50
14-day ticket197.0098.50
Extension per day14.007.00

Bike & Dog rates

Bike transport 1 x with all equipment5.00
Bike transport 3 x with all equipment within 2 days15.00
Bike transport season ticket65.00
Dog day ticket5.00
Dog annual subscription65.00

Disc Golf rates

Adult CHFChild CHF
1x Disc Golf (Disc rental + deposit)4.00 + 20.00 Depot4.00 + 20.00 Depot

*from 12 years

Tariff information:

  • The train and lift tickets are personal and non-transferable
  • The local rate is only granted with a valid local ID card.
    Municipalities: Bad Ragaz, Fläsch, Maienfeld, Mels (Heiligkreuz, Plons, Tils, Mädris, Vermol, Butz, Schwendi, Weisstannen), Pfäfers (St. Margrethenberg, Vadura, Vättis, Vasön, Valens, Balen-Gassaura), Vilters-Wangs
  • Age limits: Child 6 to 17 years; Adult 18 years and older
  • Children with Junior/Children's Co-travelcard accompanied by their parents or an adult free of charge (does not apply to packages, excl. day tickets)
  • Payment by credit card, EC, REKA, cash in euros and Swiss francs. EURO: Euro is accepted as foreign currency. Conversion takes place according to the current exchange rate in the ticket system or the credit card provider. The exchange rates can be adjusted on an ongoing basis.
  • Parking lot Bad Ragaz/Wangs 45 minutes free of charge: CHF 5.00/day (deposit parking disk in Wangs)
  • Flat rates cannot be combined with other discounts
  • No cash payment on vouchers possible!
  • Arrival and departure regulations (from 2-day ticket):
    Arrival the day before from 2 p.m.: free ascent to Furt or Pardiel
    Departure the following day by 11.00 a.m.: free descent
  • The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply. In particular, we refer to point 3 "Operating settings".
  • all prices incl. VAT.
  • Tariff changes as well as errors and calculation errors are reserved

Status: Summer 2024