Advertising space

The local recreation area on the Pizol is always worth a visit! This is proven by the over 300,000 guests who visit us every year. With your advertising on the Pizol, you can tap into the emotions of your target group. After all, this is where our visitors come across exceptional offers in the great outdoors and experience unforgettable moments with their loved ones.

Our selection of exclusive advertising spaces is just as attractive as the excursion options around the Pizol. The opportunities to place your brand prominently are as unique as we are. We make sure that your advertising is seen and remembered: From the advertising spaces on our Bad Ragaz and Wangs feeder gondolas and the Schwamm and Laufböden chairlifts to various billboards - our advertising spaces are an eye-catcher.

On average, your brand comes into contact with more than 1,000 people every day - that's an annual average of over 300,000 people. On peak days in the winter season, as many as 12,000 eyes see your advertising!

You can find more information about our advertising spaces in the factsheet "Advertising spaces on the Pizol".

Advertising contact

Do you have any questions, requests or suggestions? We will be happy to advise you personally.

Stefanie Turski
Project Manager Marketing

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