The wind in your hair and a dose of adrenaline in your veins - the all-terrain mountain carts on the Pizol take you downhill at a leisurely or rapid pace on three wheels.

The exciting and winding natural road can be ridden on the approximately 2200m long stretch between the Gaffia and Furt stations. Thanks to the low center of gravity and wide wheelbase, the mountain carts are extremely stable. Without a motor and driven purely by gravity, you can decide for yourself at what speed you want to travel. However, safety is always our top priority. Please always observe our rules of conduct and general terms and conditions.

The alpine riding pleasure on the varied mountain route (alpine road) is guaranteed and represents a special, unusual experience.

Recommended start time

We recommend starting times in the morning. From midday onwards, there may be more people, which is why longer waiting times must be expected. Please note the operating times of the lifts.

Refreshment stops