Daily operation with the Bad Ragaz gondola lift!


In summer and winter alike, the Pizol area boasts an altitude difference of 1,800 meters and four official launch sites: Pizolhütte, Laufböden, Gaffia and Furt.

When taking off in a southerly direction from Laufböden, the mountain must be flown around in order to reach the landing sites in the Rhine Valley.

If the alpine economy is not disturbed, paragliders can take off from any suitable spot in summer. In winter, however, only the two official launch sites Pizolhütte and Laufböden may be used so as not to interfere with skiing operations.

When crossing the valley, for example from Falknis to Gonzen, the airspace of Bad Ragaz airfield (SG) and Balzers heliport (FL) must be observed.

Paraglider pilots can download a detailed description of the flying area on the Pizol, including wildlife rest areas, restricted zones and cables.

Gondola and chairlift Wangs - Furt - Gaffia - Pizolhütte (1 hour)
Bad Ragaz gondola and chairlift - Pardiel - Laufböden (1 hour)

Official launch sites
2,226 m above sea level Laufböden (south, north)(4)

2,227 m above sea level Pizolhütte (north)(3)
1,861 m above sea level Gaffia (north)(2)
1,522 m above sea level Furt (north)(1)

For safety reasons and to ensure the operation of the course, take-offs are only permitted from the official take-off areas. This also applies outside the operating hours of the facilities.

Official landing site
Vilters-Wangs, at the Pizolpark

Height difference
1'800 m

Wind situation