Medium Open

Length: 6.3 km | Duration: 2.30 h | Elevation gain: 640m 19m

The panoramic hike with refreshing mountain lakes takes you from Pardiel across a high moorland landscape past Lake Vilters to Lake Wangs.

The first part of the hike leads along the Heidi Trail to the Schwarzbüel vantage point at 1,727 meters above sea level, where you can enjoy breathtaking views across the Rhine Valley to Lake Constance and the surrounding countries. The trail continues across an upland moorland landscape to Lake Vilters, which invites you to linger. Sit down on the shore for a picnic and enjoy the view. For those who are not sensitive to the cold, a dip in the cold water is of course also recommended. After Lake Vilters, the trail winds its way past an alpine hut, which provides shelter for alpine farmers in bad weather, to the green-blue Wangsersee on the Pizol high plateau.