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Length: 2.4 km | Duration: 0.48 h | Elevation gain: 96m 97m

Experience an exciting adventure with the MounTeens on the MounTeens Detective Trail on the Pizol, discover the surroundings and help solve the case.

The MounTeens - these are thirteen-year-olds Sam, Lena, Matteo and Amélie, who bravely and astutely solve detective adventures. The MounTeens are on a hiking trip with their school class on the Pizol. Shortly before their teacher sends them off in groups of four on a patrol, a completely terrified hiker appears, reporting loud screams. Is a mountain ghost up to mischief? Help the MounTeens to solve the case and discover the surroundings.

How it works

The exclusive detective hiking book is available for CHF 7.00 at the cash desk at the Wangs valley station. There is a corresponding chapter for each of the 10 posts. It is best to read the corresponding chapter at each post. If you prefer to have the story read to you, you can scan a QR code with your smartphone next to each chapter title. A solution letter must be found at posts 2 to 9, which can be entered directly into the booklet. At the very end, the eight letters at item 10 can be entered into a tablet and you will find out whether the solutions are correct. Items 1 and 10 have no solution letters.

The pure walking time is approx. 60 minutes. With the reading of the story and the posts, a walking time of 90 to 120 minutes can be expected. On the way, we pass the water forest, where there is plenty to play with and discover on the theme of water.

Mounteens gondolas

Climb aboard one of the five MounTeens-style gondolas in Wangs and get to know Amélie, Sam, Lena and Matteo on the ride up the Pizol! The original voices from the radio play, appropriate music and interactive puzzles make the experience unforgettable!

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