Light Closed

Length: 1.8 km | Duration: 0.53 h | Elevation gain: 311m 311m

The perfect training opportunity for tourers on Friday evenings - including a view over the sea of lights of Sarganserland.

While night skiers and tobogganists can enjoy fast descents further down (between Furt and Maienberg), the marked ski slope 6 Furt-Gaffia is open to ski tourers on Friday evenings. The slope is accessible from 18:00 - 22:00 up to the Mugghütte. After that, the slope is closed for safety reasons!

The starting point is Furt, which is easily accessible with the Wangs gondola lift. From there, there is a climb of around 311 meters up to the Mugghütte at 1,833 m above sea level. Once you reach your destination, you will be rewarded with a view of the snow-covered winter landscape and a fabulous sea of lights high above the Rhine Valley. The descent is via the regular slope. The night ski touring slope on the Pizol is the ideal combination of training, nature experience and views.


Tour map especially for ski tourers. Tour maps are no longer sold in Wangs from avalanche level 3!