Medium Open

Length: 6 km | Duration: 1.47 h | Elevation gain: 167m 167m

Easy themed circular hike at the foot of the Pizol with over 37 herb pictures and 16 biographical panels

From Wangs town hall square via the forest nature trail, Buchholz grotto, ravine, waterfall, past mystical vein stars, on towards the former Bad Wangs spa (now a private school). Continue along the Rappagugg high trail, where there is a second Künzles grotto. Past the old mill to Vilters church, where the new Künzle sculpture carved into a tree trunk shines brightly. Continue through the village of Vilters towards Kiesfang Vilters. Here there is a great children's playground with a fireplace. Continue to Kiesfang Wangs, Wangs church - gravesite of Fr. Künzle and back to the town hall square.