Length: 2.8 km | Duration: 2.30 h | Elevation gain: 591m 0m

Enjoying nature in deep snow - the snowshoe trail with far-reaching views

Away from the hustle and bustle of the ski slopes, the Pardiel - Laufböden snowshoe trail is a special pleasure to enjoy the idyllic natural surroundings on the Pizol. Step by step, the crackling of the snow allows us to let our thoughts wander and clear our heads. We let our gaze wander over the Alps of Eastern Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria and let ourselves be enchanted by the mountain scenery. The fairy-tale winter landscape and the soothing movements ensure rest, relaxation and a vital body feeling. The tour ends on the Pizol high plateau at 2,222 m above sea level, which stands like a naturally formed grandstand in front of the UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona. The collision between Africa and Europe has piled up the Alps over millions of years. Original layers of rock were pushed over each other, folded and broken. A variety of evidence and traces of these powerful forces are particularly visible in the Sardona World Heritage Site.