Light Open

Length: 0.6 km | Duration: 0.30 h | Elevation gain: 30m 30m

Through the snow-covered forest to the Prodchopf viewpoint. Immerse yourself in the romantic winter wonderland with breathtaking views of the Bündner Herrschaft and the Tamina Valley.

On a small hill, the Prodchopf is an attractive vantage point with unusual "furnishings": in addition to the traditional alpine cross and benches, there is a romantic swing and a wooden tower by Dutch artist Floris Brasser. The wooden tower offers an even better view of the Bündner Herrschaft and the Rhine Valley. On the plateau, you can enjoy a beautiful uphill view of the Tamina Valley with the village of Valens, the Mapragg reservoir and the imposing Haldenstein Calanda (on the back of which lie the village of Haldenstein and the Grisons cantonal capital of Chur).

After a romantic walk through the snow-covered forest, you can do one thing above all else at the viewpoint: enjoy the peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle and pause for a moment.