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Skiline turns everyone into a winter sports star. With the help of your ski pass, Skiline shows you the vertical meters, lift rides and kilometers of slopes you have skied and displays them clearly in a vertical meter diagram. But the Skiline attractions on the Pizol offer you much more than that.

Measure your speed at the Rossignol Speedcheck facility on the Zanuz slope and capture your record in a photo. You can also smile at the myclimate photo point at the Pizolhütte and at the photo trap on the MounTeens toboggan run and take your memories home with you. Have you ever filmed yourself skiing? No? Then it's high time you did! We're waiting for you at the Vreni Schneider Run for your very own Brack Skimovie.

You can track your Skiline experiences on the Pizol at any time via the Skiline app or at the ticket machines at our valley stations in Wangs and Bad Ragaz. Here you can call up your photos and videos and even print out your altitude diagram.

Still not enough? Take part in our digital championship "Pizol Champion 23/24" and challenge yourself and your friends! Great prizes are waiting for you!

Skiline altitude meters

With your ski pass to your personal Skiline

With Skiline, you can call up your vertical meters, lift rides and kilometers on the slopes for your skiing day as a Skiline vertical meter diagram. Simply call up your personal Skiline daily performance with the Skiline app or collect it from one of the two ticket machines at the Bad Ragaz and Wangs valley stations.

Good to know:

For lifts that do not have an active turnstile, Skiline has created the option for you to add them manually to your ski day. You can only find this function on the portal on skiline.cc under your Skiline - click on the corresponding ski day > under your Skiline you will see the item 'additional lifts'. The manual addition of ski lifts has a diary character, i.e. the daily statistics and the altitude meter diagram are not affected.

It's as simple as that:

1. download the Skiline app from the App Store or Google Play and log in
2. scan your ski pass or enter your number
3. collect altitude meters, lift rides, slope kilometers & more

Rossignol Speedcheck

Your personal performance in a photo as proof

Reach your speed with the Rossignol Speedcheck. Test your skiing skills on the Zanuz slope (12) between Laufböden and Pardiel and receive a Speedcheck photo including speed value as proof of your sensational performance. Show your friends how fast you were! You can see your Speedcheck speeds directly in the Skiline app.

Am I the fastest among my friends? One thing is clear, the speed check is addictive.

It's as simple as that:

1. scan your ski pass and set off
2. your top speed is measured
3. call up your speed photos in the Skiline app and share them with friends

Myclimate Photopoint

Please smile all the way to Lake Constance

Do you want to capture your personal skiing experience with family and friends in front of a fantastic mountain panorama? Use your ski pass as a trigger for the myclimate Photopoint at the Pizolhütte mountain station. 1..2..3.. Please smile. You can call up all Photopoint photos directly afterwards via your Skiline app and share them with the Skiline community. Using it is child's play.

It's as simple as that:

1. scan ski pass
2. take up position & wait for the flash
3. retrieve photopoint photo in the Skiline app and share with friends

Photo trap on the toboggan run

Caught sledging!

You are racing down the Mounteens toboggan run and trying to catch up with your family or friends. You ride along winding tracks and through snow-covered forests. You meet the Mounteens along the way and suddenly it happens....Erwischt - the photo trap has sprung and a unique photo of you on the sledge has been taken. You can call up all the photos from the photo trap directly afterwards at the photo terminal at the Maienberg middle station and link them to your ski pass, so you also have your photos available in the Skiline app and can share them with the Skiline community. It's child's play to use.

It's as simple as that:

1. start your sledge on the toboggan run
2. have your photo taken automatically at the "Action Photo" point
3. assign your photo to your ski pass at the terminal at the Maienberg middle station and retrieve it at www.skiline.cc

The General Terms and Conditions of skiline.cc apply.

For questions about registration, connecting the ski pass, etc., please contact the Skiline Support Center.