Daily operation with the Bad Ragaz gondola lift!


Bike Action

Discover the mountain bike secret of Pizol, where varied trails and breathtaking nature experiences await you. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced biker, our tours offer the right challenge for every level. Enjoy rapid descents and impressive views as you explore the diverse routes. Take advantage of the convenient transportation options with the Pizol cable cars to get to the best starting points quickly and easily. Start your next adventure and experience unforgettable biking moments on the Pizol!

Mountain bike transport

Mountain bikes are transported safely and reliably on all Pizolbahnen lifts.

Page Wangs
Gondola lift Wangs - Furt (approx. 15min.)
Chairlift Furt - Gaffia (approx. 10min.)
Chairlift Gaffia - Pizolhütte (approx. 10min.)

Page Bad Ragaz
Bad Ragaz - Pardiel gondola lift (approx. 15min.)
Chairlift Pardiel - Laufböden (approx. 10min.)

In addition to the normal pedestrian fare, your mountain bike costs extra. There are three ways to purchase bike tickets:

  • a ride up to the Pizol area (regardless of the facility): CHF 5.00 per bike
  • three rides up to the Pizol area (regardless of the facility): CHF 15.00 per bike (also valid on the following day)
  • Summer season pass for unlimited rides up to the Pizol area (regardless of the facility): CHF 65.00 per bike

Biking on the Pizol

Bike transport
By purchasing a bike transport card, the rules of conduct for bikers are automatically accepted. Furthermore, the purchaser confirms that he or she will bear the liability for any damage caused by him or her. The Pizolbahnen do not accept any liability for transport damage.

Signals and instructions
Every biker must follow the signals and instructions of the railroad staff. Vehicles and hikers have right of way at the various intersections with forest roads and hiking trails.

The speed should be adapted to your own ability and the level of difficulty.

Follow the rules
On all bike tours, the rules of the Mountain Bike Code of Switzerland Mobility on behalf of FEDRO apply.