The Furt-Maienberg toboggan run is closed.


April 07, 2024 | 10:00 - 15:00 | Furt

Pizol Waterslide Contest

on the Furt at the "Adler"

Off into the cold water! Glide across the water on skis or snowboard - who will succeed and who will go swimming?

Experience a mega-fun end to the season with swimming fun on the Pizol on the "Furt". The focus is clearly on fun and not on competition. The skiers and snowboarders start with a run-up of approx. 50m. This is shortened after each lap so that only one person remains dry at the end.


no age subdivisions therefore only 2 categories

- Skiers: from young to old

- Snowboarders: from young to old


From 10:00 Catering offer with music at the snow bar

From 10:30-12:00 Registration and start number distribution on the Furt, at the "Adler"

12:30 Start Waterslide Contest

15:00 Award ceremony


1st prize in each category = challenge cup & 1x free entry to the Tamina Therme

1-3. each category = Pizol Hoodies

4-10. each category = headbands

for all others = spectacle cover

Gaffia - Snow bar

- Beer 5.-

- Soft drinks (Coke, Rivella, iced tea in 5dl bottles) 5.-

- Frogs 7.

- Cafelutz 7.-

- Punch without 4,-

- Special - Gaffia Hotdog 9,-


Normal according to tariff sheet

Entry fee: 10. Payment at start number distribution

Refreshment stops