Daily operation with the Bad Ragaz gondola lift!


Off to the slopes

Our slopes are particularly popular with those with sporting ambitions. However, with our gently sloping routes, we also offer a variety of downhill runs for connoisseurs and beginners.

Tip combined offer ski & thermal spa

Treat yourself to 36.5 degrees of relaxation after your day's skiing on the Pizol. Sporting activity followed by regeneration in the Tamina Therme - a treat for your body.

Ski vacation tip incl. ski pass

Hotel incl. ski pass from 2 nights. Skiing doesn't get any cheaper than this.

Safety on the slopes

BFU guidelines & FIS rules

Adapt your riding style and speed to your ability and the prevailing weather and slope conditions.

1. do not endanger or harm anyone.
2. drive on sight. Adapt your skiing style and speed to your ability and the conditions.
3. respect the lane of the skiers and snowboarders in front.
4. overtake with sufficient distance.
5. look up before starting off and before making turns uphill.
6. stop only at the edge of the slope or in clear places.
7. ascend or descend only at the edge of the slope.
8. observe markings and signals.
9. provide assistance, alert rescue services.
10. parties involved in the accident and witnesses: give personal details.