5-Lake Hike

The 5-Lake hike is one of the most beautiful panoramic mountain hikes in Switzerland. A mountain trail winds its way high above the treeline through the ever-changing alpine landscape.

Gondola Wangs - Furt / Chair lifts Furt - Pizolhütte 1 hour
Having the right mountain gear is a must!

This route is characterised by five crystal clear mountain lakes and unique views of the UNESCO world heritage site of Sardona. At the Schwarzsee you can watch the ibex, chamois and, with a bit of luck, even eagles. You can also enjoy the most beautiful views of the Glarus and Grisons mountains, right into the Rhine Valley and up to Lake Constance from practically any point.

Route: Pizolhütte - Wangsersee - Pizolhütte - Wildseeluggen - Wildsee - Schottensee - Schwarzplangg - Schwarzsee - Gamidaurspitz - Baschalvasee - Gaffia

Note: The route can also be undertaken with less knee stress in the opposite direction.

The 5-Lake hike is a high alpine hike with three challenging ascents and descents. In the top section the route runs over scree and rocky area, for which hikers will high hiking boots with a good grip. If you have any doubts, please contact: Infoline 081 300 48 20.

Important: We strongly recommend that you start the hike by 11.00 am at the very latest. This applies to experienced and sporty mountain hikers. Please note that you have to be at the chairlift Gaffia at 16.30 pm or at Pizolhütte at 16.00 pm, otherwise you will miss the last descent. The last descent with the gondola lift from Furt is at 17.30 pm. After that there is no more transport possible by the Pizolbahnen AG.