Chairlifts are closed on Thursday, 20th of August because of bad weather.

Hiking and Spa

Enjoy 36.5 degrees of relaxation after your day of hiking day on the Pizol.

Physical activity followed by a restorative session in the Tamina Therme is a godsend for your body! Combine the well-known 5-Lake hike or the Heidi trail with a visit to the Tamina Therme at an attractive price.

The offer includes:
Mountain and valley ride Pizolbahnen for 5-Lake walk or Heidi trail
2-hour spa session in the Tamina Therme (not including sauna) You can use the tickets within 2 days.

Hiking and Spa
from CHF 28.50


Pizolbahnen AG
+41 81 300 48 30

Tamina Therme AG
Tamina Therme AG
+41 81 303 27 40