The 5 Lakes Hike is closed due to snow! Please check our mountain summer report for open lifts and trails.


The idyllic bodies of water along the Five Lakes Hike has proven to be a popular destination for sports fishermen: Wangersee (2,206 m asl), Wildsee (2,438 m asl), Schottensee (2,335 m asl), Schwarzsee (2,368 m asl) and Baschalvasee (2,174 m asl). The Wildsee, for example, has been populated with juvenile namaycush (Canadian lake trout) for more than 40 years.

In the months of August and September, fishermen can fish for magnificent namaycush, char and trout in the mountain lakes of Pizol. Day licences are available for CHF 40 (with a CHF 20 deposit) at the Bad Ragaz and Wangs valley stations.

3-day patent CHF 100 CHF 100 + CHF 20
2-day patent CHF 70 CHF 70 + CHF 20
1-day patent CHF 40 CHF 40 + CHF 20