Heidi Trail

Family round trail with a Kneipp pool for children and other exciting activities.

Gondola Bad Ragaz to Pardiel takes about 15 Minutes
Walking time with activities 2.5 hours

The fun and adventure on the Heidi trail start at the valley station in Bad Ragaz, where there are small goats' stables just like in Heidi’s story. On the way, the children can look for several goats (made of wood) and then enter a contest if they find them.

The Heidi trail runs over a well-established circular route from the mountain station Pardiel to the Alp Schwarzbüel and back again. The Heidi trial can be completed with children in one and a half hours.

There are lots of exciting activities to experience along the way such as the Alpruf, the goat jump and the hammock forest. The Kneipp pool and Barfussweg (barefoot path) interact with all the children’s senses - and the adults! And in front of Alp Schwarzbüel there is a great playground with a barbeque area where you can stay and relax. It is also worthwhile visiting the "Heidi’s Stilles Örtchen" (Heidi’s quiet village) at the beginning of the Heidi trail.

Tipp Children love to ride one of the five Heidi gondolas.