Alpine Route Weisstannen-Lavtinasattel-Pizolhütte

The Alpine route.

This challenging mountain hike requires good level of physical fitness and surefootedness. The highest point of the hike is nearly 2,600 metres above sea level, i.e. when the weather is bad (snow), alternative routes must be found. Hikers cross over the Gufelbach at the southern end of the village of Weisstannen (1,004 m). After the bridge, the walk continues comfortably up the stream. The first short stretch is on a paved road and the end of which starts an initial steeper ascent through the forest and meadows.

At Unterlavtina-Sässli the valley opens up and hikers can enjoy a view of the surrounding mountains for the first time.

At the top on the right is the Rappenloch as well as the rocky facades of the Marchstein and Hühnerspitz. The first ibex were spotted in this area on the 8th of May 1911, after these magnificent animals had been eradicated throughout Switzerland.

The trail continues uphill in the direction of "Batöni/Pizolhütte". A footbridge leads across the stream to the other side of the valley where the trail then follows directly along the Gufelbach.

You can even see the impressive waterfalls of Batöni from a distance. These waterfalls converge from several sides into a valley basin and when there is a lot of water in the springtime, this water tower is a very special place.

The path splits here: on the right it continues over the Heidelpass to St. Martin in Calfeisental and on the left it continues steeply uphill and exposed in parts.

There is a fantastic view of the valley basin, which is now behind you, and you can see more and more of the glorious surrounding mountains. After Alp Stofel in Oberlavtina, the next destination is Lavtinasattel, which visible on the left end of the mighty ridge made up of the Grauen Hörnern and Pizol.

The trail becomes continuously steeper uphill: first through meadows and at the end it zigzags over a scree slope. On the Lavtinasattel you can enjoy a wonderful view back over Batöni and the ascent, but also ahead over the Wildsee, which is fed by the Pizolgletscher. The Hochwart with its summit cross sits directly next to the saddle. After this there is a steep descent through rock and gravel in the direction of "Wildsee", where the path runs along boulders above the lake to Wildseeluggen. The last descent takes you to Pizolhütte, on the first section of the famous 5-Lake hike. Hikers can then take the chair and gondola ride down into the valley to Wangs.

Route: Weisstannen - Unterlavtina-Sässli - Batöni - Alp Stofel - Lavtinasattel - Wildsee - Wildseeluggen - Pizolhütte

Arrival: gondola and chairlift Wangs – Furt – Gaffia (30 min.)

Distance 16 km
Height 2,600 to 1,004 m above sea level
Difference in altitude: ascent 1,675 m / descent 398 m
Walking time 6 hours