SwissMovePark Pizol

Visitors can enjoy a completely new kind of activity park on Pardiel. It was created as a joint venture between the Pizolbahnen and the two Swiss companies bellicon and kybun.

Lively in the summer: The open-air activity park SwissMovePark offers visitors a completely new way to relax as well as flexibility training. They also have the luxury of marvelling at the impressive mountain landscape while experiencing a new body awareness.

bellicon and kybun as strong partners

The energetic activity park on the Prodboden at 1633 m was built by the two Swiss companies bellicon and kybun in collaboration with Pizolbahnen. The two companies contributed their products, which focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle and therapy through the use of our locomotor system. bellicon offers high-quality trampolines for one of the purest health programs and kybun offers a unique movement concept for a natural healthy way to exercise, including their famous Swiss air cushion shoe.

Free rental of bybun hiking boots

The unique experience of the body in motion on the Pizol starts at the Pardiel mountain station. Visitors can benefit from the free rental of the kybun hiking boots, which, thanks to the air cushion sole makes it easy and comfortable to walk over the rough and smooth terrain of the moutnains.

Getting active in the park, relaxing on the Prodkopf

The SwissMovePark has set up lots of different activity points near the mountain station. Both the highly elastic bellicon mini trampoline and the soft elastic springy surface of the kybun mat can be used in a fun and varied way to promote active and healthy exercises for the body. On the Prodkopf, the nearby viewpoint on Pardiel, you can then relax on the swinging loungers with a view over mountain and valley.


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