Edelweiss Trail

Enjoy a breathtaking view over the Rhine Valley to Lake Constance in rustic Alpine shelters.

Gondola Bad Ragaz to Pardiel takes about 15 minutes
Walking Time with activities 3 hours
Language of the info points in german

There are info points along the trail in the shape of large-scale edelweiss plants, which asks questions about the edelweiss flower. The answers to the quiz revolve around the origin, naming, healing properties, nature protection, love and more.

There is a wonderful spot at the Suntigweid reservoir where you can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. You can sit back and soak in the breathtaking view in our benches from an old chairlifs or on the Edelweiss Sitzbänkli and recharge your batteries in the barbecue areas with some cervelat you brought along.

Another highlight of this hike is the picture frame at the Wissi Stei lookout point. Here you can take pictures from the Rhine Valley to Lake Constance.

Tipp From the Speicherersee reservoir, you can quickly reach the path of the famous 2-Lakes hike via a signposted path.