Pizol Panorama Mountain Trail

The Pizol Panorama mountain trail is a 3-kilometre walk between Pizolhütte and Laufböden.

Duration Gondola  / Chairlifts Wangs - Pizolhütte 1 hour
Duration Gondola  / Chairlifts Bad Ragaz - Laufböden 1 hour

The walk features the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tectonic Arena Sardona. At 2,222 metres, the high plateau is preceded like a naturally formed grandstand by the tectonic arena and offers a breathtaking panoramic view. Hikers can enjoy unique insights and views of the world heritage site, the Rhine Valley and Lake Constance. The mountain trail has simple information and experience points on the view, the formation of the Alps and the UNESCO World Heritage site. The "Tagweidlichopf" viewpoint (2,275 m asl) with its incredible panoramic view is a highlight of this trail.

A new photo spot was added in July for the Grand Tour of Switzerland with a view of the Pizol summit and its glacier. The Pizol was chosen as one of the 40 most beautiful photo spots in Switzerland. *Details*

For children there is the possibility to rent dynamic crossbuggies free of charge at both mountain stations. Rental subject to availability.

Pizol Panorama Mountain Trail
from CHF 23.-
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