We will start the winter season in Wangs on Saturday, December 9, 2023 with daily lift and ski operations.

Paragliding Training - Flight School Pizol

The Flight School Pizol has been offering fantastic training since 1986 and it meets all the necessary conditions to provide a safe and well-founded training for flying.

Getting started is not that hard. But training to fly is not something that is taken lightly here. During a thorough basic training course on the practice hill, you will get to know your way around the aircraft’s control and you will learn the necessary steps for the preparatory stages.

The takeoff and landing exercises as well as the initial short flights are adapted individually to the student’s personal progress so that they are well prepared for the first altitude flights. The basic training takes 10 to 15 half days.

But you won’t be flying free as a bird just yet because learning to fly safely takes practice and experience. Until you have reached the necessary proficiency in safety, the instructor will remain in radio contact and give you instructions on what to do at the start, during the flight and finally how to approach the landing site on target.

An introduction to the art of thermal flying forms another part of the practical training. Because one of the school’s top priorities is that you can continue to enjoy long flights free from worry even after the passing of the hang-glider test.

If you are interested, please register at www.flugschule-pizol.ch. We look forward to seeing you!