Paragliding Tandem Flight - Chickenwings - your tandem flight in Eastern Switzerland!

Chickenwings is your paragliding tandem flight specialist for the regions of Sargans, Rheintal, Lichtenstein/Vaduz, Appenzell, Grisons and Zurich.

The main flight areas include the entirety of Heidiland such as Pizol, Walenstadt and Flumserberge. As well as Grüsch-Fanas, Klosters and Davos.

The head pilot, Ivo Grünenfelder, is looking forward to sharing his many years of experience in paragliding with you. Thanks to the excellent initial training and further training you will receive coupled with the high safety standards and knowledge of the local conditions, the pilots from Chickenwings will guide you safely through your tandem flight experience.

The flight offer
Chicken Wings offers tailored tandem flights to suit young and old students alike. Whether you love action or are just doing this for fun, we offer the right level for each individual.

Our offers include the training, the tandem flight itself and the equipment. The passenger just needs to bring along some good shoes and the appropriate clothing.

Choose the flight you want and book online at You can of course also contact Chickenwings by phone: Ivo Grünenfelder, +41 (0) 79 457 15 76

Having fun in the sky… safely
Chicken Wings will take you safely through the air. The well-trained and experienced pilots ensure you enjoy a successful flight every time - from takeoff to landing.

Safety and support concept
The Swiss Hangglider Federation (SHV) is commissioned by the Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA) to ensure the regulated and safe conduct of the delta and paragliding flights in Switzerland. All Chickenwings tandem pilots have completed a comprehensive training course as well as the demanding examinations of the SHV. In addition to this, each of our pilots possesses extensive experience in paragliding and excellent flying skills. That is why the safety and professionalism at Chickenwings are at the highest level worldwide.

Trust, safety and personal support for all guests are top priorities for Chickenwings. This allows them to guarantee their customers a high-quality and professional service. The safety and support concept is strcitly monitored by experts on a regular basis and covers, amongst other things, the following points:

  • Training, personal experience and suitability of the pilots
  • Certification, suitability, condition and safety of all the equipment
  • The current weather conditions are constantly monitored via the internet and telephone
  • Accident prevention and proper procedures in case of unexpected changes in the weather
  • Each pilot has completed a first aid course or a Samaritan course
  • Each pilot is covered by the right insurance from SHV for tandem paragliding flights
  • Good language skills and friendly and proper conduct with the guests.

Chickenwings, along with Ivo Grünenfelder, is looking forward to flying with you!