Trail running

From now on, training- and pleasure-oriented trail runners will get their money's worth at PIZOL. Numerous trail running routes with diversified profiles invite you to more than 80 kilometres of running.

The routes are designed differently – from the pleasure run on the Panorama Mountain Trail, and the challenging trail-running at Garmil, to a course that covers the whole Pizol area, which will demand your stamina. All trails have one thing in common: for the hardships, they will reward you with breathtaking views.

Trail running facts

  • Different mountain running trails for all skill levels
  • Lowest point: 1'452 m above sea level, highest point: 2'506 m above sea level
  • Ideal for altitude training
  • For all levels of fitness and proficiency
  • Accessible through both PIZOL gondola lifts (Bad Ragaz and Wangs)


  • Consideration and tolerance towards other mountaineers
  • Close all fences behind you
  • Beware of suckler cows (reduce your pace and keep distance)
  • DO NOT cause waste


  • Adapt your footwear to the routes (trail shoes everywhere recommended)
  • Bring sufficient amounts of food and drinks (self-catering principle)
  • Weather can change very quickly in the mountains: Take appropriate clothing with you
  • Bring up-to-date maps of the area and a mobile phone with a good connection


Standard pedestrian fare.

Trail running

Trail description

Definition trail description at Pizol

Heidi's SHORT Trail
Heidi's MEDIUM Trail
Heidi's LONG Trail

Heidi's routes from / to mountain station Bad Ragaz

Peter's SHORT Trail
Peter's MEDIUM Trail
Peter’s LONG Trail

Peter's routes from / to mountain station Wangs

Alpöhi’s SHORT Trail
Alpöhi’s MEDIUM Trail
Alpöhi’s LONG Trail

Alpöhi's routes from / to mountain station Laufböden / Pizolhütte

Rottenmeier's Ultra Trail from / to valley station Bad Ragaz


Trailrunning workshops

Trailrunning workshops

Our tip: Guided trail running workshops on the Pizol for beginners and advanced runners.

to the workshops