Trail running in the Pizol area

Tour description:

We take the gondola lift from Wangs to Furt. We walk towards the Water Forest and follow the zigzag trail to Fürggli. The way to Garmil leads over an alpine meadow. On Garmil, we enjoy the magnificent view before a varied mountain path takes us to the old Alp Gaffia. We enter the 5-lake hike in the opposite direction: A challenging, diverse, and well-known tour takes us to the intermediate destination Wildseeluggen at 2,493 meters above sea level. We pass an impressive Steinmandlifeld, the Baschalvasee, Schwarzsee, Schottensee and Wildsee. The view of the Pizol glacier and the surrounding mountains compensates for the immense hardships. We reach the last of the five lakes as soon as we descent the Wildseeluggen in the direction of Pizolhütte. The Wangsersee awaits us in short distance of the Pizolhütte on the right side. From there, our route leads us further down the valley towards Furt on forest roads and hiking trails, as we walk past the Alp Gaffia, which we have already crossed during the climb. At Furt, we take the gondola lift to Wangs.

Tip 1: Use the chairlift(s) to avoid a time-consuming descent

Tip 2: Bring enough food and take your time. The route is a delight, and a stopover is always worthwhile

Tip 3: Since the 5-lake hike is a heavily used hiking route, we recommend that you start early in the morning

Required tickets: Return ticket gondola lift Wangs

Tour details:

Course / Distance: 20.3 km

Duration: 5 h

Ascent: 1,657 meters

Descent: 1,657 meters

Difficulty: high

Stamina: very high

Technique: medium

Altitude maximum: 1,452 meters above sea level

Altitude minimum: 2,506 meters above sea level

This trail is only suitable for experienced mountain runners