Prodkopf Lookout Point

The Prodkopf can be reached in about 15 minutes on foot from the Pardiel mountain station. Turn left at the mountain station and follow the signs for the "Prodkopf".

Located on a small, wooded hillside, the Prodkopf lookout point attracts visitors with it extraordinary "furniture". In addition to the traditional Alpine cross and bench seats there is a wooden tower by the Dutch artist Floris Brasser. The wooden tower offers visitors an even better view of the Grisons’ dominion and the Rhine Valley.

On the grass plateau next to the wooden tower you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Tamina valley with the village of Valens, the Mapragg reservoir and the impressive Haldensteiner Calanda (behind which are the village of Haldenstein and the Canton of Grisons’ capital, Chur).

The Prodkopf is a so-called place of power, a hotspot with increased, natural energy. Visitors can feel this energy; it has a constructive and strengthening effect. Spend some calm and relaxing time at the Prodkopf, take your time and "recharge" your energy for everyday life.

Arrival: Gondola lift Bad Ragaz - Pardiel (15 min.)

Tipp Children love to ride on one of the five Heidi gondolas.

Distance 500 metres
Height 1619 m above sea level
Difference in altitude: ascent 50 m / descent 50 m
Walking time 15 minutes
Walking time with activities 1 hour

Prodkopf Lookout Point
from CHF 18.-