Eating out

Twelve restaurants and mountain huts offer a variety of dining options on the Pizol with fantastic views of the Alps.

For the gourmets among you, we serve some great combi-deals like the Mountain Breakfast and the Pre-lunch Drink Breakfast, the Lunchtime Hit and the Schwarzbühel Hit served on the Alp with the same name, the Afternoon Snack Platters or the Culinary Hike.

Panorama restaurant Edelweiss

Panorama restaurant

Panorama restaurant Edelweiss

Swiss specialties in the panorama restaurant Edelweiss on Pardiel, 1'633 meters above sea Level.




Refreshing drinks after a hiking or skiday

  • Alp Schwarzbüel

    Alp Schwarzbüel

    Halfway down the popular Heidi trail on the Ragaz Pizol, you can stop in at the idyllic "Schwarzbüel" for welcoming refreshments and meals or on special occasions.

    +41 79 604 68 03

  • Alte Alp Gaffia Bergrestaurant

    Alte Alp Gaffia Bergrestaurant

    Cosy mountain inn right at the end of the 5-Lake and Garmil mountain hike at 1,861 m asl.

    +41 79 311 06 64

  • Berggasthaus Pizol

    Berggasthaus Pizol

    The Pizol mountain guest house is just 40 metres from the mountain station of the Bad Ragaz – Pardiel gondola lift. Its exquisite cuisine and charming rooms are truly impressive.

    +41 81 302 23 50

  • Berghotel Alpina

    Berghotel Alpina

    The Alpina mountain hotel is just 100 metres from the mountain station of the Wangs - Furt gondola lift. Great home-style cooking in the Arvenholz restaurant and on the terrace. Free Wi-Fi.

    +41 81 723 20 86

  • Berghotel Furt

    Berghotel Furt

    This 3-star Connoisseur-Hotel is located next to the mountain station of the Wangs – Furt gondola lift. It features outstanding cuisine and a wide selection of fine wines. Attractive package deals.

    +41 81 723 21 66

  • Berghotel Graue Hörner

    Berghotel Graue Hörner

    Traditional mountain hotel conveniently near to the mountain station of the gondola lift of Wangs - Furt and in the skiing and hiking area. Hotel rooms, holiday apartments and self-catering area.

    +41 81 723 16 66

  • Berghotel Schönbühl

    Berghotel Schönbühl

    Cosy mountain hotel in a convenient central location near the ski and toboggan run.

    +41 81 723 14 57

  • Bergrestaurant Laufbodenstübli

    Bergrestaurant Laufbodenstübli

    Cosy mountain restaurant with fantastic views.

    +41 79 415 54 56

  • Bergrestaurant Mugghütte

    Bergrestaurant Mugghütte

    Die Mugghütte liegt zwischen der Bergstation des Sesselliftes Furt – Gaffia und der Talstation des Sesselliftes Gaffia – Pizolhütte. Après-Ski mit traumhafter Aussicht.

    +41 79 311 06 64

  • Bergrestaurant Pizolhütte

    Bergrestaurant Pizolhütte

    Mountain restaurant at 2,222 m above sea level with marvelous far-reaching views.

    +41 81 300 48 36

  • Gondelbar


    Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 2pm to 6pm.

    +41 81 300 48 30

  • Panoramarestaurant Edelweiss

    Panoramarestaurant Edelweiss

    The Edelweiss Panorama Restaurant is next to the mountain station of Bad Ragaz – Pardiel gondola lift. Culinary delights are served in front of a backdrop of breathtaking mountain views.

    +41 81 300 48 24