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Buy tickets easily and conveniently in our webshop.


  1. Select the desired ticket and date and add the appropriate person type to the shopping cart.
    Note: Single tickets are valid until the end of the respective season. Tickets at the local/student rate require the uploading of an appropriate document for verification. A Half-Fare/GA reduction on single rides is only possible in the webshop with the red SwissPass card. Additional tickets and discounts are available at the ticket offices.
  2. Check ticket and validity in the shopping cart. To proceed with the order, you have the following options here:

    Voucher: You don't have a Pizol WTP ticket (annual/season ticket) yet? Then choose the option "Voucher". This way you will receive a voucher after completing your order, which you can exchange for a ticket later at the ticket office or at the ticket machine at the valley stations.

    Recharge ticket: You already have a chip card from the Pizol, for example a day or season ticket? Then select "Top up ticket" and enter the 15-digit WTP number. This is printed on the day ticket in the white lower section and on the season ticket on the back in a white box in the upper left corner (see picture on the right). There is no "O" in the WTP number, it is always "0" (= zero).

    SwissPass: You can also load your ticket onto your SwissPass (only on red card). To do so you have to agree to the terms of use and enter the ID (number on the back of the SwissPass card) and your postal code.

    Note «Cause We Care»: With your voluntary contribution you make your experience climate neutral and effectively support the protection of our nature and environment. As a thank you, we double your contribution and invest in effective sustainability measures directly on site. The joint commitment to environmental and climate protection has a double effect: locally and globally for a sustainable enjoyment of our nature. We realize this commitment in collaboration with the Swiss foundation myclimate within the program «Cause We Care».

    Note for locals/students: For tickets at the local/student rate, please upload an appropriate document to verify your identity (local ID (Einheimischausweis), student ID, etc.).
  3. Proceed to checkout.
  4. You can either login, register for future orders or order as a guest without login. If you order as a guest, we still need your e-mail address. Only then we can send you the voucher and/or the payment receipt.
  5. Please check your order again and proceed to payment.
  6. Choose payment method and pay ticket. Possible means of payment: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PostFinance
  7. Thank you for your purchase! You will receive your payment receipt and a voucher by e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact immediately.
  8. At your visit to the Pizol:

    If you bought your ticket as a "voucher", you can exchange the voucher you received by e-mail for a ticket at the ticket office or at the ticket machine at the valley stations.

    If you have loaded the ticket on your SwissPass or on an existing Pizol chip card, the authorization is loaded in the background directly on your chosen card and you can go directly to the turnstile. Please hold your card against the turnstile for a few seconds at the first contact to update the authorization. The data is loaded from the cloud this way, so it may take some time.

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