In the middle of the Pizol skiing and hiking area, various mountain hotels, group accommodations, vacation apartments and chalets invite you to spend the night.

The Haus Edelweiss offers two spacious and modern vacation apartments. For those who prefer a more rustic atmosphere, the Berghotel Gaffia offers cozy double and multi-bed rooms as well as dormitories of various sizes. No matter whether you choose one of These or another accommodation - thanks to the overnight stay in the middle of the Pizol area, you are guaranteed to be among the first on the mountain.

In addition to the accommodations directly on the mountain, the vacation region Heidiland offers other attractive accommodation options with good connections to the Pizol.

Vacation apartment Haus Edelweiss

Haus Edelweiss

In the Haus Edelweiss, directly at the mountain station of the Bad Ragaz gondola, there are two spacious and brightly and modernly furnished vacation apartments.

Berghotel Gaffia

Berghotel Gaffia

In addition to cozy double and multi-bed rooms, the traditional Berghotel Gaffia offers dormitories of various sizes for groups.

Hotels in the Pizol area


In the Pizol area and the surrounding area you can choose from numerous hotels for your stay.

Vacation Apartments in the Pizol area

Holiday homes

Those who prefer to spend their vacations in a vacation apartment will find various offers on the mountain and in the valley.

Hotel packages

Hotel packages

Book with an attractive package an accommodation on the mountain or in the region incl. ski pass on the Pizol.



Are you looking for a group accommodation in the Pizol area? Then send us a non-binding request.

  • Berggasthaus Pizol

    Berggasthaus Pizol

    The Pizol mountain guest house is just 40 metres from the mountain station of the Bad Ragaz – Pardiel gondola lift. Its exquisite cuisine and charming rooms are truly impressive.

    +41 81 302 23 50

  • Berghaus Baschalva

    Berghaus Baschalva

    Large house for groups. Self-catering. Located right by the ski and toboggan run near the middle station of the gondola lift Wangs - Furt.

    +41 71 311 15 03

  • Berghotel Furt

    Berghotel Furt

    This 3-star Connoisseur-Hotel is located next to the mountain station of the Wangs – Furt gondola lift. It features outstanding cuisine and a wide selection of fine wines. Attractive package deals.

    +41 81 723 21 66

  • Berghotel Gaffia

    Berghotel Gaffia

    Cosy mountain hotel in the middle of the skiing and hiking area at 1,800 m above sea level.

    +41 81 300 48 26

  • Berghotel Graue Hörner

    Berghotel Graue Hörner

    Traditional mountain hotel conveniently near to the mountain station of the gondola lift of Wangs - Furt and in the skiing and hiking area. Hotel rooms, holiday apartments and self-catering area.

    +41 81 723 16 66

  • Berghotel Schönbühl

    Berghotel Schönbühl

    Cosy mountain hotel in a convenient central location near the ski and toboggan run.

    +41 81 723 14 57

  • Chalet Waldegg

    Chalet Waldegg

    Idyllically situated chalet. Accommodation in double rooms and colourful attic rooms. Ideal chalet for groups and clubs. Sleeps up to 24 people.

    +41 76 306 65 53

  • Ferienhaus Munggaloch

    Ferienhaus Munggaloch

    Lovingly furnished holiday home right by the ski slopes and hiking trails. Ideal for families and couples.

    +41 81 710 56 63

  • Ferienhaus Prodkopf

    Ferienhaus Prodkopf

    Comfortable holiday home for the summer and winter. Ideally located next to the mountain station of the gondola lift Bad Ragaz - Pardiel and the ski lifts. Self-catering.

    +41 78 759 44 55

  • Ferienhaus Thut

    Ferienhaus Thut

    Ideal für Familien und Kleingruppen mitten im Ski- und Wandergebiet. Grosse 2 1/2 Zimmerwohnung mit 10 Betten für Selbstversorger.

    +41 78 633 07 69

  • Ferienwohnungen Calandablick

    Ferienwohnungen Calandablick

    New holiday home for families and small groups with one 2 ½-room, two 3 1/2-room apartments and one 4 1/2-room attic flat. Self-catering.

    +41 78 759 44 55

  • Haus Alva

    Haus Alva

    +41 79 344 58 58

  • Haus Edelweiss

    Haus Edelweiss

    The house Edelweiss is located directly at the mountain station of the gondola lift Bad Ragaz. Right above the restaurant there are two spacious vacation apartments with fascinating views.

    +41 81 300 48 24

  • Haus Primula

    Haus Primula

    The house is next to the mountain station of the gondola lift Wangs - Furt. Apartments to sleep up to 8 people as well as single, double and 4-bed family rooms. Without meals and room service.

    +41 78 889 39 35

  • Lagerhaus Mittelsäss

    Lagerhaus Mittelsäss

    Cosy alpine lodge right by the ski slopes. Located at 1,402 m above sea level with magnificent views. Self-catering. Dormitory: 30 beds in 4 bedrooms. Wood-burning stove and wood-fuelled oven.