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EchoSOS - The App for All Emergencies

The highest priority on the slopes is and remains safety. However, what to do if an accident happens in the ski area? In an emergency, every second counts and good preparation is worth a lot! When panic sets in, simple actions can suddenly become stressful: Where do I call? How do I explain my location? EchoSOS is a free smartphone app for Android and iOS. Once downloaded, the emergency app is quickly at hand in case of emergency.

Download the EchoSOS app on your smartphone for free. In case of an emergency, you can alert the slope rescue service with one click and transmit your location directly.

What can the emergency app do?

  • EchoSOS knows all country specific emergency numbers.
  • Local SOS number s like the sl ope rescue of the Pizolbahnen are displayed directly.
  • In an emergency, the location is transmitted directly to the rescue service.

What to do in an emergency?

In an emergency, use the EchoSOS app to alert the Pizolbahnen slope rescue service with one click. The SOS number appears on the app's home screen. With one click, a telephone connection to the piste rescue service is established and your location is trans mitted directly.

You can find more information at www.echosos.com.

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