Skiline attractions offer a different way of experiencing the slopes at Pizol

Skiline turns everyone into a winter sports star. Skiline uses your ski pass show your covered vertical meters, number of lift rides and kilometres of slopes in a well-arranged altitude diagram. Alternatively, you can have your speed taken at the Speedcheck track (run Zanuz 12). A picture of your personalised skiing or tobogganing experience can be made at the Rossignol Speedcheck, myclimate photo point, or the photo trap at the Mounteens toboggan run.

Did you ever participate in a digital skiing championship? No? Well, we have an exceptional challenge for you: become a real skier at Pizol and seize the opportunity to become «Pizol Champion 20/21».

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Skiline attractions

  • Skiline Altimeter

    Skiline Altimeter

    Use your ski pass to access your Skiline

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  • Rossignol Speedcheck

    Rossignol Speedcheck

    Proof your achievement through a picture

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  • myclimate photo point

    myclimate photo point

    Say Cheese – all the way to Lake Constance

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  • Photo trap at the Mounteens toboggan run

    Photo trap at the Mounteens toboggan run

    Caught while sledding

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  • Pizol Champion 20/21

    Pizol Champion 20/21

    Your personal challenge

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Activation in the ski resort at the valley stations Bad Ragaz and Wangs.

Discover your daily performance while in the ski resort. You can access your Skiline performance via the ticket vending machines at the valley stations Bad Ragaz and Wangs and directly print out your altitude diagram. You can activate the terminal by using your ski pass.

It’s that easy:

  1. Scan your ski pass
  2. Retrieve your daily performance
  3. View the Skiline photos taken at the Speedcheck, photo point and photo trap
  4. Print altitude diagram

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