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Photo trap on the toboggan run

Caught while sledging

You are fast en route on the Mounteens toboggan run and try to catch up with your family or your friends. You are driving over winding paths and through snowy forests. You meet the Mounteens on the way, and suddenly it happens ... caught – the photo trap has struck, and a unique photo of you on the sledge has been taken. You can access all the pictures of the photo trap directly at the photo terminal at the Maienberg middle station and link them to your ski pass. Thus, you have your photos also available in the Skiline app and can share them with the Skiline community. The use is a mere child’s play.

It's that easy:

1. Set off your sledge on the toboggan run
2. Have a picture taken automatically at the “Action photo” spot
3. Link your image to your ski pass at the terminal at the Maienberg middle station and access on