Your adventure with the MounTeens at the Pizol! Starting in summer season 2019 you can visit Lena, Amélie, Sam and Matteo at Pizol on Wang's side. Unique attractions are waiting to be discovered by you.

Duration gondola Wangs - Furt 15 minutes
Walking time 1 hour
Walking time with activities 2 hours


Detective Trail
Experience an exciting MounTeens adventure on the MounTeens Detective trail: read the detective hiking book "Der Berggeist vom Pizol" and explore the surrounding area. Ten posts along the path provide the answers you need to solve the case. (German only)

Contents of the hiking book
The MounTeens are on a hiking trip with their school class at the Pizol. Shortly before the teacher sends groups of four on a post-run, a terrified hiker appears, reporting of screams. Is a mountain troll out there?

You can purchase the MounTeens Detective Hiking Book at the ticket offices of the Pizolbahnen for CHF 7, - (German only)

MounTeens gondolas
Use one of the five MounTeens gondolas and get to know Amélie, Sam, Lena and Matteo while you are ascending the Pizol. The original voices of the radio play, corresponding music and interactive riddles make the experience unforgettable. (German only)

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from CHF 18.-