We will start the winter season in Wangs on Saturday, December 9, 2023 with daily lift and ski operations.

Duet of Summits Combination Garmil + Gamidauerspitz

Climb the most prominent peaks of the Pizol area. The summit duet is part of the summit quartet, which consists of the Pizol summit, Hochwart, Gamidauerspitz and Garmil. The combination Garmil + Gamidauerspitz is the easier of the two partial hikes.

On Gamidauerspitz and Garmil, the Sarganserland and the St. Gallen Rhine valley are at our feet. To the left, the Churfirsten peaks rise from the ground, to the right, the view stretches as far as the Grisons mountains. With a bit of luck, even chamois or eagles can be observed along the way. Information boards on the UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona also line the path.

Summit Quartet - The Complete Tour

The summit quartet includes the Garmil, the Gamidauerspitz, the Hochwart and the Pizol. As the highest peak at 2,844 m above sea level and eponym of the area, the Pizol peak is the highlight of the tour. On the way, however, you will also be enchanted by crystal-blue mountain lakes, scree landscapes that seem out of this world, romantic alps and, with a bit of luck, even chamois, ibex or eagles. Nowhere can you enjoy the view as undisturbed as on the highest peaks of the Pizol skiing and hiking area. All information about the summit quartet can be found here.

Duet of Summits Combination Pizol + Hochwart

With the two summit duets in the Pizol area, you have the possibility to split the demanding summit quartet tour into two halves. All information about the summit duet variant Pizol + Hochwart can be found here.