Chairlift Gaffia-Pizolhütte is closed because of bad weather.

Backpack Picnic Garmil Mountain Hike

Backpack picnic with local produce

Via e-mail: With number of people, date and cell phone number.
Available from the 6th of july to the 20th of october 2019.

Price: CHF 130.00 for 2 people / CHF 85.00 for 1 person

The price includes:
A backpack and picnic blanket (on loan, deposit 50 cents or ID card) filled with local produce and a Pizol Sigg bottle to take away with you. The chopping board, tupperware and cutlery are also to be returned.

2 or 1 mountain railway tickets for the Garmil mountain hike

Duration: 3-4 hrs. (hiking time 2.5 hrs.)
Difference in altitude: +283m / -628m
Capacity: 1-10 people
Period of the offer: July 6 - October 20, 2019 daily


Content of picnic backpack for 2 people:

      1 pair of Salsiz sausages (Kalberer butcher's)

     approx. 200g Alpine cheese (Milchzentrale Bad Ragaz)

     1 Krustenkranz bread garland (Café Edelwiss)

     2 apples

     2 Biberli (sweet pastries)

     1 trail mix (250g)

     1 red wine 0.5l

     2 Shorley apple spritzer 0.5l

Content of picnic backpack for 1 person:

      1 Salsiz sausage (Kalberer butcher's)

     approx. 100g Alpine cheese (Milchzentrale Bad Ragaz)

    2 Bürli bread rolls (Café Edelwiss)

    1 apple

    1 Biberli (sweet pastry)

    1 trail mix (250g)

    1 red wine 20 cl

    1 Shorley apple spritzer 0.5l

Backpack Picnic Garmil Mountain Hike
from CHF 85.-