Sustainability on the Pizol Railway

The natural world is close to the heart of Pizol Railway, and so it’s very important to us that we act responsibly, sustainably and respectfully in everything that we do. Together with our partner, myclimate, and as part of the ‘cause we care’ initiative, we are committed to the considerate and sustainable handling of nature and the environment.

cause we care – The climate is counting on us!

The initiative ‘cause we care’ from the Swiss myclimate Foundation gives our guests the opportunity to promote climate protection, locally and globally. With a voluntary contribution of CHF 0.50 for each train ticket, CHF 5.- on an annual or seasonal subscription or CHF 1.- on various climate-neutral gift vouchers, our guests can make an active contribution to climate protection and are able to enjoy a climate-neutral product. As a thank you, we promise to double your contribution and to invest the full amount in sustainability measures. In this way, the commitment from our guests goes on to achieve twice as much.


myclimate is a partner for effective climate protection – globally and locally. Together with business partners and private individuals, myclimate strives to shape a better future for the world through consulting and educational activities as well as through its own projects. As a non-profit organisation, myclimate pursues these aims through an approach that is market-oriented and customer-focused. At Pizolbahnen AG, we are proud to be a partner of myclimate and to be working together for climate protection.

More information:

Environmental measures at the Pizol Railway

Environmental measures implemented to date:

  • Education projects for children (nature workshop)
  • Merchandise product "multifunctional cloth" made of 100% recycled PET
  • Annual cleaning-up days with ski clubs and schools
  • Energieeffizienz Massnahmen im Betrieb, z.B. Austausch von Leuchtmitteln zu LED
  • Heat exchangers on the gondola lift drive systems; the energy gained is utilised by catering establishments
  • An electric filling station at Bad Ragaz valley station
  • Modifications to the control and drive systems of the chairlifts
  • Environmental supervision for new buildings
  • The choice of an energy-efficient snow machine with pikes (‘Schwamm’ project)
  • Employee training for energy efficiency measures
  • Automatic demand-controlled system operation
  • ECO Drive training for snowcat drivers
  • Installation of exhaust gas cleaning technology in the snow groomers
  • Angebot des Green Mountain Burger im Panoramarestaurant Edelweiss. Mit dem Konsum eines Green Mountain Burger fliessen pro Burger CHF 1 in den Fonds Account.
  • Nachhaltigkeits-Gondel in Bad Ragaz & Wangs
  • Windturbine an der Talstation Bad Ragaz für eigene Energiegewinnung

Planned environmental measures:

  • Renewable energies
  • Further energy efficiency measures and corresponding employee training
  • Education projects for children (nature workshop)
  • Energy efficiency measures in all departments
  • Energy-efficient snowmaking systems
  • Energy-efficient snowmaking systems
  • Annual cleaning-up day with the SGKB
  • Jährliche Räumertage mit Skiclubs und dem örtlichen Verkehrsverein
  • Jährliche Räumertage mit Skiclubs und dem örtlichen Verkehrsverein
  • Jährliche Räumertage mit Skiclubs und dem örtlichen Verkehrsverein
  • Windturbine für eigene Energiegewinnung
  • Windturbine für eigene Energiegewinnung
  • Education project nature workshop
  • Green Mountain Burger (Symbolbild)
  • multifunctional cloth made of 100% recycled PET
  • Nachhaltigkeits-Gondel