We will start the winter season in Wangs on Saturday, December 9, 2023 with daily lift and ski operations.

Snowmaking 4.0

The "Snowmaking 4.0" project was approved in autumn 2020. The first sections were implemented in summer 2021 and 2022. The majority of the financing for the major stages (Twärchamm reservoir and pipeline network) is to be financed with the issue of new shares.

Actual status winter 2022/23:

The first snowmaking system was installed on the Wangs side in 2004. In the past few years, heavy investments have been made in snowmaking on the Wangs and Bad Ragaz sides. Today, 142 snowmaking machines already cover approx. 25% of the piste area. The piste machines have been equipped with snow height measurements, which enables comprehensive and energy-efficient snow management.

Vision: Pizol Snowmaking 4.0

The vision for snowmaking on the Pizol is that at the beginning of winter a continuous piste with an adequate snow cover can be created from the Maienberg in Wangs via Furt, Gaffia, Valeis, SAC lift, Pizolhütte, connecting lift, Laufböden, Pardiel to the Schwamm valley station on the Ragaz side. To secure the water reserves, a new reservoir with a capacity of around 80,000 m3 will be built on the Twärchamm (east of the Pizol Hut). Together with the Suntigweid reservoir and the water supply from the ford, this will provide the 134,000 m3 of water needed for the entire snowmaking system. The necessary water rights concessions have been obtained.

What investments are necessary for the implementation of the vision

Around 12.4 million Swiss francs are to be invested in the final expansion of the fully automatic snowmaking system with reservoir, pipe system, shafts, pumping stations, snow lances, propeller machines and the terrain corrections by 2031.

Project approved!

In autumn 2020, the comprehensive approval for the 4.0 project was received. This means that the Pizol lifts have taken an important step forward. Depending on the financial possibilities, the stages can now be implemented. In summer 2021 and 2022, the first measures from Project 4.0 were implemented.

Investments and financing of the first stages

The first stage 4.1, with the three focal points of the Twärchamm reservoir as the centrepiece of the snowmaking system for the entire Pizol, the Twärchammsee - Suntigweidsee pipeline system and the completion of the Pizolhütte - Pardiel snowmaking system, amounts to around CHF 6 million.

Stage 4.2, the connection of the Twärchamm reservoir with existing infrastructure on the Wangs side, will solve the water demand in the Furt area.

The further stages will then lead to the full extension and completion of the existing building.

Further information and the subscription form can be found in the PDFs (update 28.01.2022).

Detailed information is constantly being added at https://pizolschneit.com.