We will start the winter season in Wangs on Saturday, December 9, 2023 with daily lift and ski operations.


From top-class to popular sport – the sporting activity of our young people is close to our hearts. That is why we are involved in various partnerships with regional athletes, associations and institutions to promote our young talent. Great things always come out of these collaborations. We are delighted every time our "protégés" celebrate success. As small as the progress may sometimes seem, we walk the path together, step by step.

Sponsoring athletes and sports associations

In our region, many passionate and talented athletes are sprouting from the ground. Some stars are already shining brightly in the sporting sky. Others are still rough diamonds waiting to be polished in a talent factory. We want to help these talents emerge and give them the space to develop further.

That's why we support the athletes of today and tomorrow to achieve their goals and grow with their dreams. Whether as a personal sponsorship partnership or by supporting sports associations and teams, we invest in the future of the region. Within the scope of our sponsoring activities, we support athletes from various sports. But they all have one thing in common: the Pizol is their playground. Thanks to the good training conditions, not only skiers and snowboarders benefit. Among others, trail running specialists also train regularly on our trails and even actively participate in product development on the Pizol.

We are convinced that the commitment is worthwhile and wish the athletes continued success.

Competitve sports friendly apprenticeship company

Since August 2021 we are training an apprentice in a business sports apprenticeship at the Pizolbahnen. Noemi is a junior skier and currently trains in the SSW squad. The next milestone is the move into the National Performance Center. With the sports apprenticeship, we offer Noemi the opportunity to optimally combine competitive sports and her professional education. For young athletes, the offer of a flexible training program after compulsory schooling is a crucial factor in enabling them to continue pursuing their sporting goals during their professional education.

«I am very grateful for the support of Pizolbahnen, I learned to ski at Pizol and it means a lot to me that I can now complete a sports apprenticeship with Pizolbahnen.» Noemi Gliott, apprentice at Pizolbahnen AG

Support for ski lift companies

Promoting young talents only works when the region works together and a holistic offer can be created. For this reason, we also cooperate with small ski lift companies. These take on an important function for young skiers. Mostly run on a voluntary basis, they deliver a great service.

Further commitments of the Pizolbahnen