Please see our mountain summer report on the open hiking trails.

Gamidauerspitz Summit Tour

On the Gamidauerspitz, the Sarganserland and the Rhine Valley are at our feet. The route is part of the 4-summit tour on the Pizol.

On Gamidauerspitz, Sarganserland and the Rhine Valley are at our feet. In the foreground the Garmil rises to a good 2,000 m above sea level, to the left the view sweeps towards the Churfirsten and Lake Walen, to the right the view falls on the Grisons mountains. With a bit of luck, chamois or eagles can be observed on the way.

4 Summit Tour on the Pizol

The Pizol area is known for its breathtaking panoramic views over the St. Gallen Rhine valley to Lake Constance. Nowhere can the view be enjoyed as undisturbed as on the highest peaks of the hiking area. The hike to the Gamidauerspitz is part of the 4 Summit Tour on the Pizol. The stages Garmil, Gamidauerspitz, Hochwart and Pizol can all be hiked independently of each other, but can also be combined as desired.

The Berghotel Gaffia is the ideal overnight accommodation and starting point for this tour, especially for combinations of the 4 Summit Tour.