IMPORTANT!!! All hiking trails from 2200 meters above sea level are snow-covered and have icy spots. Only accessible with good hiking equipment and hiking experience.

Ski touring rules

The SAC, together with Cableways Switzerland and the BFU – Advisory Office for Accident Prevention – has drawn up rules of conduct. The rules serve not only your own safety, but also that of other skiers and nature. Please follow them:

  1. Outside the operating hours of the transport facilities, the slopes are closed and therefore inaccessible. Also ski tourers have to respect the operating hours. Danger to life! Only explicitly opened slopes may be used for ski touring outside the operating hours.
  2. During the operating hours of the transport facilities, the FIS rules apply to all users of snow sports slopes. Ski tourers on ski slopes must observe the following rules in particular:

    • Ascent only at the edge of the slope
    • Ascent only one after the other, not side by side
    • No crossings at unclear or blind places
    • Take special care on hilltops, in narrow sections, steep slopes and in case of icing
    • Respect the ski operation; it has priority
  3. The instructions of the slope and rescue service must be followed. If a cable car company demands contributions for the use of the snow sport slopes, these must be paid accordingly.
  4. If special circumstances require it, the cable car company concerned has the option of prohibiting ski touring on its snow sports slopes even during operating hours.
  5. Wildlife rest areas and protected areas must always be observed. At dusk and in the dark, forest areas (especially with headlamps) must be avoided.

Note on ski tours to the Pizol summit

In October 2020, a rockfall occurred east of the Pizol saddle. The rockfall buried the remains of the Pizol glacier and came to a halt at an altitude of about 2,640 m above sea level. The fall and the debris buried the last part of the steep ascent of the usual ascent route to the Pizolsattel.

Rockfalls are difficult to assess. It is likely that the terrain will not settle down for some time. Ski tourists are advised to avoid the debris field at a sufficient distance and to avoid the endangered terrain over a wide area.