Railroad operation until 29.10.2021 only with Bad Ragaz gondola lift. 30.10.-1.11.2021 all lifts on Pizol in operation.

IMPORTANT: All hiking trails from 2200 meters above sea level are snow-covered and have icy spots. Only accessible with good hiking equipment and hiking experience.

Snowshoeing tour Pardiel - Laufböden

Enjoying nature in deep snow

Moving gently through the snow far away from the hustle and bustle, in the clear winter air, is a special way to enjoy the peace and beauty of nature. Walking step by step through the snow and exercising in a healthy way gives you a beneficial sensation in your body. Snowshoeing is easy and does not require any basic knowledge. It is advisable that you wear a pair of warm, good quality winter boots.

A popular snowshoe tour is Pardiel - Laufböden. The tour with vision.

The signposted tour starts at the mountain station Pardiel, which you reach with the feeder from Bad Ragaz. From Pardiel the tour climbs over Obersäss and See-Egg to Laufböden. Back to Pardiel you arrive with the chairlift.

Time required: 1/2 day, pure hiking time 2 hours

Length of the tour: 3.0 km

Altitude: 600 m

Note: Snowshoe tours are only allowed on the official, marked routes.

Snowshoeing tour Pardiel - Laufböden
from CHF 19.-